The Healthy Redefined Course

The Healthy Redefined Course

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You already know this, but you don't need another juice cleanse or clean eating challenge. 

We are trying to live depleted of food and nutrients only to binge at the next opportunity and then feel guilty about it; and the cycle continues. (Pretty genius for companies that want to make money off of our perceived failures)

I know you want to be healthy & happy.

To have the energy you need to do the activities you love.

You want more in this lifetime than to be worrying about what you're eating.

To stop feeling guilty about every bite that passes your lips.

And, I know that it's scary to stop controlling your food if you've done it for a long time. As if you might go completely out of control.

But... the problem is. The dieting industry has it all wrong. So.. here we are with HEALTHY REDEFINED.

I want to help you nourish and support your body. To have the body you love without stressing about what diet to follow or feeling guilty for eating a cheeseburger on a random Tuesday.

To show you what your body actually requires so that you aren't spinning in circles following 1,647 rules that were never intended for you.

So that you're not restricting your intake so much that you binge on Saturday afternoon.

Where you get to form the rules.

The guidelines that work for YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle.

With all of the celebrities and instagram influencers promoting the latest trends in the dieting world while taking pictures from all the perfect angles with a ring light; it is challenging to know what the heck matters when it comes to being healthy & happy. 

Truth is. You can be healthy and confident in your body without drinking copious amounts of celery juice or buying the next clean eating challenge kit.

Your health does not depend on replacing meals with shakes and bars or drinking skinny coffee (uh...what the heck does that mean, anyways.. ).

And. You can feel great in your skin without doing things or eating things you hate. 

"The day you begin supporting your body with food versus focusing on restrictions. Is the day that everything will begin to shift." 



The Healthy Redefined Course helps you to:

>>> Focus on nourishment rather than deprivation, so that you can enjoy food again and stop overthinking it.

>>> Reach *your* ideal physique. 

>>> Have more energy while doing all of the things you want.

>>> Feel confident and sexy in your skin. 

>>> Become the healthiest and happiest version of you! 

>>> Stop feeling guilty about what you're eating or spinning your head in circles wondering if you're doing it "right". 



I am your not-so-typical health coach and former diet junkie here to help you escape the insanities of the dieting industry, say no to diet B.S., and yes to nourishment. 

As a former Diet Junkie I was constantly obsessing over every single bite I took. I'd been following bloggers who were eating 1200 calories a day, only low carb bread and salads, and worked out 6 days per week. 

In the end, I was not only stressed all the time, but I was feeling absolutely exhausted and shitty. I was following so many rules from various diets and the book "Skinny Bitch" .. but ended up physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I'd also held onto SO much fear and guilt around food.


And so, I had a tiny thought that I held onto...

Being healthy and confident in our bodies wasn’t meant to be this hard. And it certainly wasn’t meant to be stressful or detrimental to our self-esteem or mental health. 

We choose the struggle (I chose the struggle). The dieting industry teaches us that it’s supposed to be challenging, but why should something that’s meant to feel GOOD feel so shitty? This stopped making any sense to me.

This gets to be about making progress and taking care of ourselves out of LOVE for our bodies. Not fear. Not shame. Not guilt. Not feeling like we are fucking up of letting ourselves go simply because we ordered a pizza. 

This gets to feel good. This gets to be easy. This gets to be about giving our body what it needs, enjoying food, and moving our bodies in ways that we want to! 

Module 1: Rewrite Your Health Story

It's time to unravel the beliefs you have about your body and how you are *supposed* to eat. 

Module 2: Ditch Comparison & Own Your Worth

You are unique. We all have a different body and all of them are beautiful. It's time to ditch comparison and focus on what feels BEST for you. 

Module 3: Counting & Intuitive Eating

What works for you? Are you someone who is cool, calm and collected and works well with numbers? Or are you someone who gets obsessive about numbers and needs a more intuitive approach? Let's figure it out! 

Module 4: Foundations of Nutrition

Learn the building blocks of nutrition so that you can feel confident choosing foods that are going to support your body. 

Module 5: Simplifying Your Meal Plan

Honestly - so much about meal planning seems challenging - and this is where most people (including me) have called it quits because it seems like it will take way too long. In this module, you'll learn how to simplify your meal planning so that you are spending LESS time in the kitchen.

Module 6: Optimizing Nutrition

Let's amplify it where you need it. You have the baseline, what else can you do to give yourself the nutrients that you need to thrive!? 

Module 7: Uplevel Your Digestive System

Our digestive system is our first line of immune defense. It's everything from how we break nutrients down, to how we absorb them, and then eliminate them. It's pretty damn important to have a digestive system that's working :) 

Module 8: When To Supplement

Sometimes I feel like talking about whether or not to supplement is equivalent to the tension around discussing religion and politics. This one is up to you, but I'll share why and when I supplement and what works for my clients. 

Module 9: How To Keep Making Progress

The course is over, now what? How do you keep momentum? How will you stop yourself from getting sidetracked and going back into old dieting patterns or comparing yourself again?

These modules are designed to set you up for ultimate success no matter where you are at in this moment.

Modules are all pre-recorded audio and include supportive PDF handouts or worksheets relevant to that module. 

* 10 weekly meal plans that include meat

* 10 weekly vegetarian meal plans

* Grocery lists to make shopping easy

* Recipes that are quick, simple, and delicious

* optional gluten free, dairy free

In summary: 

The course includes 9 modules, 10 (x2) weekly meal plans, Private Facebook Group for ongoing support and access to me.

You receive lifetime access to all of the content, including all updates or add-ons for future launches!

Let’s uplevel our health together! 

Listen up.

You don't need another clean eating challenge, juice cleanse diet, or yet another shakes and bars nutrition system that fills your cupboards with so many complicated products you'll never end up using.

We’ve all been sucked in by the neverending rules and restrictions. Trying to stick to a low-fat, low-sugar diet, tiny salads, and being obsessive about everything that touches our lips...

The ultra restrictive diets and nutrition systems lead us into a yo-yo dieting cycle, drive our emotional eating tendencies, and ultimately distort our relationship to food and our body. 

This is possible:

* Eating food without stressing over every single bite.

* Knowing WHAT to eat. And having it fit seamlessly into your life.

* Loving your reflection in the mirror & feeling confident as f*ck.