Things I Suggest


Just a few of my favs that I keep stock of always...

Greens are life-giving. These chocolate CytoGreens are some of my favourite as an active woman!  

Natural Calm magnesium has saved my sleep! Life has many stressors and this has allowed me to get better sleep naturally. 

Ultimate Flora probiotics have been a game-changer for my digestive system.  They've also kept my immune system strong. I used to get sick multiple times a year, now it's relatively rare. 

Vitamin D helps with lack of sunshine in the winter. Enough said...





A few of my fav books...

I like listening to the audios, but also have a paperback copy of these. 

Women Food and God. Don't let the title throw you if you're not religious. This book is huge in understanding your relationship to food & your body. 

Spirit Junkie. Again, you don't need to meditate to fall in love with this book. It's helped me understand everything from personal relationships to workplace relationships and ultimately my former obsession with counting calories and picking apart my body. 

The Universe Has Your Back. Have you ever been told to surrender and trust the process? Yet, you find yourself still wanting to control every situation. Yep, same. This book is helping me through that and allowing me to surrender and allow that which I cannot control. 

You Are A Badass. Enough said. Stop doubting your greatness and go after what your heart desires. 



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