Why I Left Network Marketing...For Good!

This has been on my heart for a while. And, now I'm ready to put it on paper!

If I don’t align with a company 100%, I can’t be part of it. It doesn’t matter if I like the quality or flavour of the supplements. My truest self simply cannot sell and recruit people into something that I don’t align with in its’ entirety.

Note: this post is an opinion post. It’s not meant to judge anyone who is part of an MLM. I’ve signed up with Mary Kay, Visalus, USANA, Isagenix, and have bought products from Doterra & Arbonne. All with good intentions.

I’ll get into the depths in a moment of what I don’t like about MLM programs/challenges. First, I want to say that even once I was IN with a company, they felt the need to continue to ‘sell’ me. On the opportunity, the dream, the products and the community of like-minded people.

A company that continues to sell you on their opportunity and products... well...  you are the customer & recruiter. Not a business owner, boss babe, or CEO. You’re a customer. You’re a recruiter.

This NEVER felt good to me.

However, the ultimate reason for me to get out were the weight loss challenges. I have never truly wanted to promote any 30 Day Shake-focussed weight loss program. No matter what it’s called. Health challenge, cleanse, reset...

Things like this only reinforced my history of disordered eating.

Personally, these types of programs were extremely unhealthy for me on all levels. Therefore, I could never in a million years feel comfortable selling these. Which meant I would never be financially successful in an MLM.

I suppose that’s the lesson. As an extremely honest person, I don’t have the ability to sell something that I’m not on board with or that I don’t think you need to spend $150-$200 per month on. Whether that's a lot of money to you or not, is besides the point. 

I can’t find a single bone in my body to sell you on a business opportunity that only 1% of people succeed at and pretend that it’ll be different for you. Or that you just need to keep buying monthly until you’re ready to take the leap and share this product & opportunity with others.

Again. This isn’t me trying to hurt anyone who’s in an MLM.

I’m just not on board.