From Diet Obsessed & Depleted

to Healthy & Nourished

From diet obsessed & depleted to healthy & nourished.

Hi, I'm Kat Feeney,  My goal is to help women end the struggle with food so that they can nail their nutrition and have more energy to do stuff that matters. The truth is you get to be healthy without obsessing over every bite or feeling guilty for eating a cheeseburger on a casual Tuesday.

You get to be healthy & happy:

Without ultra low calorie meal plans.

Or subscribing to a specific diet type.

Without $$$ monthly challenge packs from an MLM.

Or skipping meals.

Nothing is "off limits".

There is no "good" or "bad".

Do what feels good to you, and know that it can change over time.

Supporting your body will always be more important than the so called "extra 5 lbs".